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Online cheque clearing time checker

Posted in 'Banking' by Barry Stamp

10 November 2011

Anyone who has struggled to work out how long it takes for a cheque to ‘clear’ will find invaluable the a href=" http://www.chequeandcredit.co.uk/246/-/page/cheque-checker/ " target="_blank">online cheque clearing time checker.

The checker calculates the maximum time it takes for a paid-in cheque to start to earn interest, (or to reduce interest if your account is overdrawn), when the funds will be made available to draw against, and when the cheque finally clears and there is no risk of the cheque being returned unpaid (bouncing).

In the checkmyfile Banking and Credit Card Survey, respondents rated their banks very differently in terms of customer satisfaction. RBS, HSBC and NatWest filled 3 of the top 5 places and each offers a basic current account with no fee, which should suit most needs, and these banks are big enough to cope with more complicated stuff should the need arise.

Barry Stamp

Barry is a Chartered Banker and a Fellow of the Institute of Credit Management. He has a degree in Statistics and Business Economics from the Open University. Barry writes mostly on news from the worlds of banking and mortgages.

Barry is a co-founder of checkmyfile.

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