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No-credit-check bank accounts on offer

Posted in 'Banking' by Barry Stamp

02 February 2009

For many people with a poor credit history, opening a bank account can be a real struggle.

This isn’t a new problem – we’re contacted on a daily basis by people who have had credit problems in the past and are unable to find a bank willing to open a bank account in their name. This can be very embarrassing when a new employer asks to pay wages direct to a bank account.

At long last, step forward the Extra Direct Bank Account. Extra Direct offers internet based online banking coupled with a MasterCard debit card for all comers, with 100% guaranteed acceptance.

This will enable you to have your wages paid straight into your account. You can also set up standing orders or pay for goods and services anywhere that displays the MasterCard logo Worldwide - in shops, online or over the phone. You can manage your account online to set up bill payments or transfers, and check your balance 24/7 either online or by text.

The Extra Direct Bank Account has a monthly fee of £12.50 - and an account opening fee of £49.95, but on the other hand there are no late payment or overdraft fees.

For those who are prevented from opening an account with a high street bank because of an adverse credit rating, this new service may well be what you need.

To obtain a no credit check bank account click here.

Barry Stamp

Barry is a Chartered Banker and a Fellow of the Institute of Credit Management. He has a degree in Statistics and Business Economics from the Open University. Barry writes mostly on news from the worlds of banking and mortgages.

Barry is a co-founder of checkmyfile.

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