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Social Classifications

The 'social class' of a person tends to be based on occupation. It is a very broad measure.

The social class of residents of HA3 6NY is C1C2D and is shaded blue below. Click on any letter below for details about the Social Classification.

A B C1 C2 D E

Identity Theft

Identity Theft in HA3 6NY

Based on information in the Cameo profile, many people in HA3 6NY travel to work by car or motorbike.

A driving licence is a valuable document for an identity thief, so it is important that you don't carry it with you unless it's needed, and that you store it in a secure location at home.

Reduce your exposure to Identity Theft

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House Prices In HA3 6NY

When a house sells, the sale price is reported to HM Land Registry, which publishes average prices and the number of sales recorded each quarter.

Jul 2011
to Jun 2012
Jul 2010
to Jun 2011


(16 sold)
(18 sold)


(47 sold)
(40 sold)


(14 sold)
(10 sold)


(15 sold)
(11 sold)

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HA3 6NY, United Kingdom

Financial Risk in HA3 6NY

Public databases such as the Register of Court Judgments and Insolvency Records are combined with census data and 'lifestyle' information collected from questionnaires to evaluate the average financial risk in a postcode.

Average Credit Rating & Credit Score

Using the Cameo financial profile for the residents of HA3 6NY, this has been evaluated as:

740 out of 1000

How This Compares To The UK Average

When compared to the rest of the UK, this score is lower than average.

HA3 6NY: 740
UK Average: 750

You can compare this postcode-based Credit Score to your own by using either our Free Credit Score service, or more accurately, and based on your payment history, when you purchase one of our market leading Credit Reports.

Families in HA3 6NY

Compare information held about HA3 6NY, sourced from two geodemographic database providers, Cameo and Censation.

Family Composition
Young and mature singles, families and single pa