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Proof That Credit Scores Make You Attractive, Apparently

Posted by Tom Blandford in Credit Score on 22 February 2018 - Tom is a Credit Analyst at checkmyfile

In case you were looking for another good reason to check your credit file, we’ve got some good news for hopeless romantics: a recent survey by Discover and Match Media Group (owner of online dating sites including, Tinder and OkCupid) found that a good credit score is considered even more attractive to potential suitors than having a nice car.

58% of online daters said that they would prefer a partner with a good credit score to a partner with a nice car, 50% said it is more impressive than a good job title, and 40% even preferred a good credit score to a well-sculpted body.

What makes a good credit score so appealing?

As with credit applications, your score itself isn’t what’s important, it’s what it represents that matters. A good credit score is a reflection of positive borrowing habits and can be a greater indication of financial stability than expensive possessions, which are often flaunted on social media and dating sites.

This isn’t to say that money isn’t an important factor on its own, but proven creditworthiness can often say a lot more about a person than the flashy car in their cover photo – especially when it comes to picking someone you might want to spend the rest of your life with. . As credit scores are based on 6 years’ worth of payment history, a spotless record over this length of time is apparently impressive to both prospective lenders and potential partners.

Female respondents were particularly interested in the financial habits of prospective partners, with 77% saying that it is a very important quality, compared to 61% of men.

Aren’t finances taboo?

Most people shy away from talking about personal finances on a first date, with only 7% broaching the subject of money and their credit history. Much like religion and politics, finances are fairly high up on the list of taboo subjects to discuss on a date, but if the statistics in this study are anything to go by it might actually help your chances.

So while it may still be ill-advised to start a conversation about the nuances of credit files when trying to impress, financial stability can definitely be considered an important component of a lasting relationship.

How to use your credit score to help your love life

We don’t claim to be experts on romance, but as we've been doing what we do longer than anyone else in the UK, we definitely know a thing or two about credit files, so here are some light-hearted pointers that could help you broach the subject of your credit history over dinner.

  • Do: Ask them if they’re on the electoral roll. Not only could it present the opportunity to appear knowledgeable about the importance of being listed, but it’s also an easy route to a healthy discussion about politics - if you’re feeling particularly brave.
  • Don’t: Ask them what their mother’s maiden name is. They may think you are trying to access their sensitive data, which is traditionally saved for the third date.
  • Do: Pay for food and drinks on your date with your credit card and pay off the card bill on time. This can help improve your credit history, so if this date doesn’t go well, your next date will find you irresistible.
  • Do: Check out how their postcode is rated on checkmyfile before you get invited over – forewarned is forearmed.
  • Do: Dazzle them with your knowledge of the Consumer Credit Act of 1974. It’s important, but perhaps a little ‘dry’ for a date.
  • Do: Make sure that your own credit report doesn’t contain any ex-partners that you might have been financially associated with. It won’t go down well should you ever get as far as applying for finance together.

Before you can impress on your date though, you’ll need to actually check your credit report so that you know where you stand. Get it into shape and you’ll be impressing both lenders and potential spouses in no time.

If you haven’t already, you can check your credit score on It’s FREE to try for 30 days and then costs just £14.99 per month, which you can cancel at any time.

Do Student Loans Affect my Credit Score?

According to government statistics for 2019, UK students (those currently studying and already graduated) owe a colossal £121 billion in outstanding student loans. To put this gigantic pile of UK debt into perspective, it overshadows the entire world’s combined annual budget for space programmes. All the cutting-edge, space-bound engineering and cosmic knowledge of the world’s most well-funded space agencies, NASA (US), ROSCOSMO (Russia), and CNSA (China) only collectively reach an estimated £28 billion a year – barely comparable to the grim achievement of today’s British students.

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A US news story has dropped that’s generating some charged discussion about FICO, the American credit scoring company. FICO has recently announced that the way it calculates Credit Scores is changing. Due to a re-jig in its algorithm, an estimated '40 million Americans are likely to see their Credit Scores drop'.

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When moving into a new house, the first thoughts that go through your mind could be along the lines of “what colour am I going to paint the kitchen?” or “will my wardrobe actually fit in the bedroom?” You may not immediately ask yourself “I wonder how much debt the previous occupant had!”

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Credit Action, the National Money Education Charity, scares everyone witless every month with unnerving financial statistics. A few examples include the fact that a property is repossessed every hour and 43 minutes, that every four minutes someone is declared insolvent, and that the Citizens’ Advice Bureau deals with 2,595 new cases every day. In its October 2019 statistics, the charity advised that average household debt is a mere £59,441 including mortgages. According to the BBC, the stat without mortgages has risen sharply to £15,385.

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Is there discrimination in credit assessment?

Apple could find itself in hot water in the US after a weekend of high-profile claims that applicants to its recently launched Credit Card were discriminated against on the basis of gender.

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Why do I get different Credit Scores?

The first ever idea of a Credit Score was introduced in the 1950s in the United States. Almost by accident, as Bill Fair and Earl Isaac discovered that a study looking at a potential predictor of ill health could be better used to predict bankruptcy and default. They teamed up to form Fair Isaac, Inc, now FICO, to sell credit scores to lenders. FICO scores are now household names by consumers in the US, as they are used extensively, with little competition.

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If you’re among the 32% of Brits that gamble on a weekly basis and are thinking of applying for some form of credit in the near future, you might be wondering whether your activity could affect your Credit Rating and your chances of being accepted.

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