Check your Multi Agency Credit Report before the PPI deadline

Posted by Andrew Brown in Personal Finance on 28 August 2019

The PPI deadline is at 11.59pm on Thursday 29 August. After this point, you can no longer submit applications to reclaim any PPI you are owed from lenders. If you’ve not done it, the time is now to check whether you are owed money. If you start your PPI application before the deadline, it’s still possible to reclaim what you’re owed.

What is PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is an optional insurance policy made available on credit applications that will cover your repayments for a limited period if you have an accident, fall sick or become unemployed. More recently, it has become better known for the mis-selling scandal which resulted in years’ worth of cold-callers asking about any loan you’ve taken out in the last 20 years.

If you have had active PPI on a credit card, mortgage, overdraft, car finance or any other loan since April 2008, you may be able to complain about mis-sold PPI.

Make sure you’re thorough and investigate your full financial history. There’s no harm in doing a quick check of your Credit Report as you could be owed thousands of pounds through PPI.

Check your full credit history

The first step to potentially claiming thousands in PPI is to check your Multi Agency Credit Report. This will show loans, credit cards, mortgages and overdrafts you’ve had over the last six years – you might be surprised what has slipped your mind.

At, you can see data from all four Credit Reference Agencies. This way you see more data in one place than available anywhere else, which could include the key credit agreement with the PPI you were unaware of.

Act today and beat the deadline

You can view your Credit Report from checkmyfile today for FREE. Try it FREE for 30 days and then for just £14.99 a month. Plus, you can cancel easily anytime online or over the phone.

You’ll also get free access to our expert Credit Analyst support team who will take the time to explain any questions you may have about the details of your Credit Report.

Think you’re owed PPI?

Once you’ve checked your Credit Report and you think you’ve seen something that might’ve included PPI, you’ll need to move quickly to beat the deadline.

There are plenty of PPI services out there. Make sure you get some solid, free financial advice on how to proceed with the next steps in claiming PPI.

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