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Credit Rating

You don't have just one Credit Rating, or one Credit Score - most lenders will score you independently using a completely different credit scorecard. Even the scorecards used by credit reference agencies are completely different. At checkmyfile we cut through all of these issues by using the same scorecard for all purposes. This is the only way to compare how you rate at each agency.

See up to 8 types of Credit Ratings and Credit Scores - FREE with every report

8 Credit Ratings

Your checkmyfile Credit Score based on the data seen by lenders

You don't have a single Credit Rating or single Credit Score, as every lender assessing your creditworthiness uses a different scorecard. By using the benchmark checkmyfile scorecard we use your full credit file at Callcredit and Equifax to give you a good idea of how a typical lender will rate you.

Only Lenders can see your full credit file

When your employer or landlord checks your credit history, they can only see a small part of your credit file - just the Electoral Roll and Court Record sections.

Compare your checkmyfile Credit Rating with that of your neighbours

Here the checkmyfile Credit Rating and Credit Score are based on the publicly available Court Records of all people in your neighbourhood. Are you better or worse than your neighbours?

See why you might be falling at the first hurdle

Before actually checking your credit report, many lenders "pre-screen" you using an application score. This uses the information you give on a typical credit application form, with no input from your credit file.

Understand the impact of your Credit Ratings

Find out how your Credit Ratings and Credit Scores will affect your ability to get credit, rent a property or get a job. Nowadays, your Credit Rating and Credit Score impact on many different aspects of your life, and not just those relating to credit matters.

See how you compare to the rest of the UK

Compare your checkmyfile Credit Score against the UK average over the last 12 months - understand where you sit in the wider scale. Just like your own checkmyfile Credit Score, the average moves over time.

Credit Score Slider
Credit Rating Fulcrum

Visualise the good and bad elements of your Credit Rating

Our interactive scales show you the good and bad parts of your credit file that have been used to calculate your checkmyfile Credit Scores. See which elements are helping to boost your score, and what might be dragging it back.

Get detailed help on every input to your Credit Rating

Simply click on the weights on the scales and see why it impacts on you, and what you can do about it.

Quickly compare Callcredit and Equifax data

Many people don't realise that their credit files are different at each agency. Typically one of your credit accounts will be reported to one agency and not to another, and this will affect your Credit Score.

Track checkmyfile Credit Scores over time

As the contents of your credit file changes, so does your Credit Scores, and if the changes are big enough, your Credit Rating will change too. Our bar chart makes it easy to see how your checkmyfile Credit Score has changed over time.

Check your Credit Score historically

Simply roll your mouse over any bar on the graph and see the checkmyfile Credit Score that has been calculated, based on your file at that point in time, for each credit reference agency. You can also look back in time.

Credit Score Slider

We're the most experienced provider of online Credit Scores

We were the first company to lift the lid on credit scoring over 10 years ago, and we currently provide in excess of 10 million Credit Scores every year. Our Credit Scorecard is very similar to that used by the largest lenders in the UK - it was built by the same professionals who supply scorecards to major household names.

We take an honest, impartial view of your creditworthiness, and present it to you in simple terms, with plain English explanations on all parts of the scoring process.

Most of our customers get instant access to Credit Reports by answering our authentication questions correctly. Even if you are one of the very few that are unsuccessful, we'll send you a code by first class post to ensure you still get prompt access.

Unlike all other providers, our Multi Agency Credit Reports use data from Callcredit, Crediva, Equifax and Experian at different levels - take a look above to see exactly what we provide.

Your checkmyfile Credit Report is the most detailed available in the UK - by far.

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Conditions of the Lowest Price Guarantee

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It's really easy to buy from us

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You can pay from the widest choice of payment mechanisms available. Our prices are clear and upfront - and where you have a choice of payment frequency, the default is always the cheapest option.

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