Debt Indigestion Remedies

You are living on the edge, but you don’t have any late payments or defaults on your Credit report yet.
You still have time to use your good credit standing to get cheaper credit.

Reduce Your Outgoings

  1. Move to cheaper lenders, go for 0% introductory deals to save even more and always remember to close your expensive card accounts to avoid the temptation of using them in future.
  2. Using your budget plan, add up all your credit cards and think about taking out a loan to consolidate them. Average credit card rates are 17% and average loan rates just over half that level, so significant savings are possible.
  3. Before you apply, check your Credit Report to make sure that it is error free so you have the best chance of success.
  4. If your card debt is over £10,000, apply for two loans of half the amount you need - each lender will think you are shopping for credit and you'll have a better chance of success applying for smaller loans.
  5. Try to keep your loan term as short as you can. Repayment over 3 or 4 years is best if you can manage it. Don't be tempted to extend the term beyond 4 years just to save a few tens of pounds in the monthly repayment, the increase in the total cost of credit will be disproportionate.
  6. If you have a mortgage and have some equity in your property, think about remortgaging and consolidating your card and loan debt to a new mortgage. A new mortgage company will probably give you the best deal. Try to locate a specialist Independent Financial Advisor who has a lot of experience, and who works with debt-stressed people.

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