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Electoral Roll - aka the Register of Electors

Are you correctly recorded on the Electoral Roll at all three UK Credit Reference Agencies?

Credit files once consisted only of a copy of the Electoral Roll, linked up with court records, so it's no surprise that the Electoral Roll is still used as an 'index' record - the hook upon which most other data is filed away. So if lenders can't find you listed on the Electoral Roll, many will assume - not always correctly - that they haven't found your full credit file.

Not being listed can res ult in being declined with some lenders, and with others, can result in delays in the processing of your application. Each credit reference agency uploads Electoral Roll data independently, so it's important to check that you are recorded correctly with all three.

Electoral Roll

Compare Electoral Roll status at all 3 agencies

See how long you are reported as being resident at your current address, your address format, and crucially which agencies have you listed on their version of the Electoral Roll.

Check for errors in your data

Expand any entry to see full details of the Electoral Roll details held. Check for differences and errors in the way your information is presented.

Get help if you aren't listed on the Electoral Roll

If you aren't matched on any or all of the credit reference agency version of the Electoral Roll, get free expert help in getting yourself listed.

Check for any other people listed at your address

See who else is reported on the Electoral Roll at your address - and find out if they affect your Credit Score.

The Electoral Roll is updated by your local authority between August and October every year - a process known as the 'annual canvas'. Credit reference agencies then buy this information from local authorities and load it to their own databases. This can take around 3 months. To ensure that the data that lenders access is always up-to-date, credit reference agencies also compile and maintain the "Rolling Register", which is a version of the Electoral Roll that includes monthly updates taken from the notifications of people who move house between the annual canvasses. This can also be checked on your checkmyfile Multi Agency Credit Report.

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The team has many years' experience helping our customers to resolve issues, correct errors and understand the information held about them at
all three UK Credit Reference Agencies.

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The checkmyfile Multi Agency Credit Report is by far the most detailed Credit Report sold in the UK.

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