See The Bigger Picture

Since March 2000, we have consistently led the way in providing UK consumers with online access to their Credit Reports and other personal information. We were the first UK company to give consumers online access to their Credit Report and Credit Score. We remain the only UK website providing Credit Reports including data from all 3 UK Credit Reference Agencies.

Proud To Be Different

  1. Privately owned and independently operated
  2. The only UK provider with data from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion
  3. Best-in-class support from UK based professionally qualified Credit Analysts
  4. We'll liaise with the Credit Reference Agencies if you have an entry to dispute
  5. We let you sign up online easily, so we let you cancel online easily
  1. We'll always provide a confirmation code to confirm your cancellation
  2. Our website and phone number are shown on every payment we process
  3. We have never increased our prices for existing subscribers and don't plan to
  4. No pushing by email or on-screen of credit products you don't want or need
  5. We're 100% consumer focussed - we don't sell data to anyone

Leading The UK Credit Report Market For 24 Years

We're Really Proud Of What We've Achieved Since 2000 - Here Are Some Of Our Best Bits

March 2000

The UK's First Online Credit Report Service

checkmyfile becomes the first company in the UK to give consumers online access to Credit Reports based on public data from Experian and the first in the World to put Credit Scores online.

May 2000

Providing Membership Services To Capital One

First branded Credit Monitoring scheme launched with Capital One, helping customers in their bid to monitor their creditworthiness to protect their financial fortunes.

April 2001

Accredited Which? Webtrader

checkmyfile signs up as one of the first accredited members of the Which? Webtrader Scheme, a voluntary code of practice for online traders launched by the UK Consumers' Association, remaining as members until the scheme's eventual closure in 2008.

September 2001

Dedicated Office Opened In Central Truro

To support our ever-growing team, we open a dedicated office in the old Assembly Rooms at High Cross in Truro, eventual home of a team of 20 staff across a variety of disciplines.

March 2003

UK Consumers See What Lenders See

We start to work with Equifax providing us another source of data and enabling us to show consumers in the UK for the first time What Lenders See when they check their Credit Report.

March 2004

First To Provide ID Fraud Protection Services

We are first in the UK to provide identity fraud insurance, risk assessment tools and identity restoration services for consumers, alongside the launch of our Identity Fraud Prevention and Victim Assistance booklet.

August 2004

One Million Customers And Counting

We celebrate serving a million UK consumers.

July 2005

First Banking & Credit Card Survey Released

We ask our customers to rate the service received from their bank and credit card providers, to enable us to share the information with other customers. Our survey is the longest running and most comprehensive of its type in the UK.

August 2005

The UK's First And Only Triple Agency Report

Callcredit (subsequently acquired by TransUnion in 2018) launches as the UK's third major Credit Reference Agency and we integrate its data to enable us to create the UK's first and only Credit Report service with access to all three agencies.

March 2007

Major Overhaul Of The Website

We work with a leading design agency to modernise our website and better communicate what makes us different - 100% consumer focus; independence; and friendly, professional expert advice.

October 2007

Move To Purpose Built Offices

We outgrow our home in central Truro and move to purpose built offices on the city outskirts to enable us to increase our staff levels to 150 if required, and provide easier access for our team who live all over Cornwall.

June 2008

Launch In Australia

We go international with the launch of checkmyfile Australia - providing detailed Credit Reports to Australian customers based on data from Credit Reference Agencies Dun & Bradstreet and Equifax.

December 2010

The UK's First Multi Agency Credit Report

We introduce the first and still the only Credit Report available online which enables you to directly compare, line-by-line, information on your Credit Report at multiple Credit Reference Agencies. We also enable consumers to see how their Credit Score can vary depending on which data source is being used, and who is checking.

November 2013

2,000,000 Customers And Counting

Another milestone hit - 2 million UK consumers have now accessed their Credit Score, Credit Report and Credit Report analysis services with us.

July 2015

Named The UK's Best Credit Report Service

TrustPilot establishes a new category in the UK - Credit Bureau. Thanks to our high ratings from our customers we are ranked number 1 - a position we have maintained ever since.

September 2017

Freshen Up Our Branding And Website

Working with AgencyUK - a multi award-winning marketing agency - we modernise our branding and website design; completely overhaul the Credit Report making it even easier to compare the information held; and integrate access to our expert team of Credit Analysts throughout the Credit Report.

October 2017

Launch Our First TV Advertising Campaign

We launch our first ever TV ad campaign working with AgencyUK, a multi award-winning director and production company to help us communicate to potential customers that through using our service, they will see the bigger picture.

April 2019

Full Experian Credit Report Data Added

Compare all Credit Report information reported in the UK by Equifax, Experian and TransUnion in one place with the addition of the full 6 years' Credit History as reported by Experian.

January 2020

3,000,000 Customers And Counting

Another milestone hit - 3 million UK consumers have now accessed their Credit Score, Credit Report and Credit Report analysis services with us.

October 2020

'Missing Pieces' TV campaign goes live

We launch our second TV campaign in conjunction with leading creative agency Fold7. 'Missing Pieces' highlights just how crucial it is to ensure that you don't miss something important when it comes to checking your Credit Report.

June 2022

'Missing Pieces II' hits our screens

We launch our third TV campaign. Bigger and bolder, it once again shows how much of a difference a missing piece can make. If only the characters had taken a closer look first…