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We give consumers access to the UK's only Credit Report based on data from all 4 UK Credit Reference Agencies, backed by best-in-class customer support and which can be tried free for 30 days - take a share in our success.

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Our Credit Reports include data from 4 Credit Reference Agencies, which means that they contain more than twice the information of any other online Credit Report, along with Credit Scores and free Identity Fraud Assistance.

Head and shoulders above any other provider of online Credit Reports, we offer by far the best value for money, as well as top rated customer service. We were the first company in the UK to put Credit Reports online over 19 years ago, and have now served almost 3 million customers.

We pay a very competitive referral rate for validated free trial sign-ups to our Credit Report Monitoring service. Rates are scaled according to volumes received. Payments are made each month in accordance with the programme terms and conditions.

If you would like to have a chat to us about signing up, feel free to email us at or call us on 01872 308619.

What Sort Of Sites Perform Best?

You'd be surprised. We're not about to tell our competitors where to get the best business from, but just about any type of website can do well by affiliating with us. Please note - we don't allow credit repair companies to link to us.