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In credit reporting terms, an Alias is a record of another name you may have been known by in the past (or may still be known by) and is usually created when one of your lenders reports a change of name to the Credit Reference Agencies. For example, if you change your name through marriage or by deed poll then you will likely see an alias name on your credit report.

How do Aliases appear on my Credit Report?

Any Aliases you may have will appear under the Financial Associations tab at the top of your checkmyfile Credit Report.

Our Multi Agency Credit Report collates information from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, giving you a comprehensive view of the data held by the Credit Reference Agencies.

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What effect does an alias have on my ability to take out credit?

When an Alias link is present on your Credit Report, information held in that name can be viewed by prospective lenders even when your current name is searched. For this reason, any negative information filed under the Alias name can impact your creditworthiness.

It’s important to note that Aliases entries themselves do not directly influence your Credit Score. Instead, the payment information registered to your Alias is what has an effect.

Aliases can remain reported indefinitely unless created in error, but have no direct impact on your overall Credit Score.

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