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Application Fraud

Application Fraud is one of several Cifas Fraud Types, where an individual applies for an account, policy, service, or insurance claim using material falsehoods to influence the outcome of the application. These falsehoods could include false employment details, false income, or concealed addresses. The use of a false document (such as a pay slip, bank statement or driving licence) when applying for an account, policy, service or insurance claim would also fall within this category.

Cifas members record and share information about suspected fraud between themselves to combat crime and protect customers’ identity.

Will Application Fraud markers appear on my Credit Report?

Only two types of Cifas fraud markers can appear on your Credit Report: Protective Registration and Victim of Impersonation. As such, an Application Fraud marker won’t show on your Credit Report.

That said, any credit applications themselves will be recorded on your Credit Report, along with the name and address used, the date it took place, and with which lender. If you believe a fraudulent application has been submitted using your name, you can check by viewing your Credit Report.

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