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CAIS (pronounced ‘keys’) stands for Credit Account Information Sharing, and is the brand name given to Experian’s shared database of credit history.

How do I see my CAIS information?

You can see the credit history that Experian holds for you, alongside your data from the other Credit Reference Agencies Equifax and TransUnion, by viewing your Multi Agency Credit Report with checkmyfile.

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How is CAIS information gathered?

CAIS information is shared between lenders and Experian, and is normally required whenever you apply for credit. It is used primarily for the assessment of credit applications – mainly to help prevent over-indebtedness, for the detection and prevention of fraud, and to ensure the lender can make a profitable and responsible lending decision.

The sharing of credit account information is based on the principles of reciprocity which, in short, mean that for a lender to view Experian’s CAIS database, they must in turn share their customers’ credit account information with Experian. This sharing relationship forms the basis of the reciprocal data sharing agreements that lenders, utility providers, mobile phone companies and many more have with the UK Credit Reference Agencies.

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