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Credit Score

Your Credit Score is a measure of your likelihood of being accepted for a credit facility such as a mortgage or credit card. It also represents how likely you are deemed to default on any such agreement based on how you’ve managed credit agreements in the past.

How do I see my Credit Score?

You can see your Multi Agency Credit Report and linked Credit Score with checkmyfile. With the UK’s most detailed Credit Report, you will be able to see your complete information from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, along with your Multi Agency Credit Score derived from this data.

checkmyfile was the first company in the UK to provide consumers with online access to their Credit Score and you can try it free for 30 days, and for £14.99 monthly thereafter. Cancel easily online at any time.

Your Credit Score will be calculated based on the information found on your Credit Report. Generally, ‘positive’ information (such as being registered on the Electoral Roll and a good repayment history) will contribute towards increasing your Credit Score, while ‘negative’ information (late payments, defaults, and CCJs, for example) will lower your score.

Each Credit Reference Agency, lender, and Credit Score provider has their own scoring system and, as such, there is no universal score in the UK. Even the Credit Scores that the Credit Reference Agencies sell to lenders bear no relation to the Credit Scores they sell to consumers.

As a Credit Score is a subjective interpretation of the information on your Credit Report, you will find different Credit Scores wherever you check. Lenders will not base any lending decisions on the Credit Scores you see online.

Credit Scoring was developed to help speed up the application process and make lending decisions more accurate and, as such, they are usually more reliable than processes that rely on manual underwriting.

If I have a high Credit Score does that mean I’m guaranteed a loan?

Not necessarily. The Credit Score shown on your Credit Report is not the Credit Score that lenders use, so a high score doesn’t guarantee you’ll be granted every mortgage or loan that you apply for. If anything, the Credit Score on your report can be used as a handy tool to let you see how healthy your credit history looks like at a glance.

Why is my score different for each Credit Reference Agency?

Even though Credit Reference Agencies get their information from many of the same sources, they work out their scores differently. Their opinions may differ about how many ‘points’ a default should impact a score, or what the range of the score should be, for example.

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