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FICO Score

A FICO Score is a standardised and universal US Credit Score calculated using Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion information. Because it is universal, US consumers can check their FICO Score online, knowing that prospective lenders will see the same score. The FICO score was first introduced to the American public in 1989.

In the UK, there is no universal score – meaning the Credit Scores you find online at each provider, and the Credit Scores lenders use when assessing your credit applications, will all be different.

How do I check my Credit Score?

Your checkmyfile Credit Score is the most comprehensive in the UK, as it is based on your complete information from three Credit Reference Agencies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Your score is designed to reflect how a typical lender is likely to judge you based on the information on your Credit Report.

You can try checkmyfile free for 30 days, then just £14.99 per month, and cancel online at any time.

Is my FICO score checked in the UK?

If you’re applying for any kind of mainstream credit, checks will be carried out using the data shown on your Credit Report at one or more of the three main Credit Reference Agencies in the UK and FICO scores are not used in the UK.

Rather than worrying about a Credit Score, your efforts are better spent digging into the data held on your Credit Report, as this is what lenders will use to determine your creditworthiness before accepting or declining your application.

While your Credit Score is a useful measure of your Credit Report’s overall health, it won’t tell the full story. Your Credit Report can be a goldmine of information, showing how you’ve managed your credit agreements, who you’re financially associated to, and much more.

If anything is amiss, you can take steps to correct the information by disputing it with either the lender concerned or the Credit Reference Agency. Our Expert Team can help guide you through this process.

To ensure you’ve seen everything that a lender will see when you apply, you’ll want to check your Credit Reports with each Credit Reference Agency, so nothing goes unseen.

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