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Multi Agency Credit Report

A Multi Agency Credit Report is a Credit Report which shows you information from multiple Credit Reference Agencies together in the same format. At present, checkmyfile is the only Multi Agency Reporting service in the UK.

When you apply for credit, the lender will typically obtain your Credit Report from at least one, but often more than one of the Credit Reference Agencies to see how you’ve managed your credit agreements, helping them gauge your creditworthiness. Using your Credit Report and any information you’ve supplied on the application form, the lender will be in a position to make an informed lending decision.

How do I view my Multi Agency Credit Report?

You can use checkmyfile to view your Multi Agency Credit Report instantly online. Free for 30 days, it’s then just £14.99 a month, which you can easily cancel online at any time. You’ll have complete access to your information from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – letting you see everything you need in one place.

What type of information is on my Multi Agency Credit Report?

Your Multi Agency Credit Report will show you all of the information that Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, have matching your registered details.

The three main Credit Reference Agencies receive information from public sources, such as local councils, courts, and other national databases to form the ‘public’ element of your Credit Report. Your public Credit Report typically consists of Electoral Roll listings and court records, such as any CCJs or insolvencies in your details.

Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion also record your ‘private’ account information, which consists of your credit accounts, borrowing behaviour, and repayment history. It’s here that any missed payments or arrears will be recorded; this account history usually makes up the bulk of your Credit Report.

Why do different Credit Reference Agencies hold different information?

Lenders are under no legal obligation to report information to Credit Reference Agencies, but are required to do so under the Principles of Reciprocity if they want to access consumer credit data before accepting new customers. As such, lenders will only share customer account information with the Credit Reference Agencies that they hold data sharing agreements with. This can result in data being held by some agencies but not all, meaning you may have different information recorded at each Credit Reference Agency.

Your checkmyfile report allows you to see exactly what is held about you and what information a lender will have access to, regardless of which Credit Reference Agency or agencies are used when you apply for credit.

Why is my checkmyfile score different to the scores provided by each agency?

checkmyfile uses a scorecard similar to what a typical lender would use when assessing the information from each agency, allowing you to see your score as a lender may be likely to view it. In comparison, the scores you can obtain from each of the agency individually would be calculated using their own scorecards and as such may show a different score even if the same data is present.

By using the same scorecard, checkmyfile allows you to directly compare the information held by each agency.

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