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Notice Of Correction

A Notice of Correction is a small note of up to 200 words that you can leave on your Credit Report to explain something that prospective lenders may otherwise call into question.

Over the years, these Notices have generally been devalued, and lenders will likely ignore any Notice that serves simply as an ‘excuse’ for missed payments.

How do I check if I have a Notice of Correction?

Your Notices of Correction will be recorded on your Credit Report at each of the UK Credit Reference Agencies. As there are three main CRAs, you will need to check your Credit Reports with them all to ensure you have checked everywhere for a Notice.

checkmyfile makes this process quick and easy by collating your complete Credit Report information from all three main Credit Reference Agencies onto a single, easy-to-use website.

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Is a Notice of Correction good or bad?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to Notices of Correction, depending on what you’re using them for.

If you have a genuine reason for submitting a Notice of Correction (such as helping prevent identity fraud), then you should benefit from having one.

Such a Notice can act as a free alternative to a Cifas Protective Registration if you are worried about identity theft. Simply record a note explaining that you`re worried about third parties using your details to fraudulently apply for credit, and any applications in your name will be subject to additional manual verification checks, to ensure that the applicant is you.

On the other hand, using a Notice to explain negative repayment history will likely only serve to make your credit applications take longer and ensure that the lender takes the adverse markers into account.

Notices do not have a direct impact on your Credit Score, so they shouldn’t harm your chances of being accepted.

How do I add and remove Notices of Correction?

To add or remove a Notice of Correction from your Credit Report, you just need to raise a dispute with the relevant Credit Reference Agency, explaining what you’d like to do.

When adding a Notice, be sure to provide the exact wording of the message – exactly as you’d like it to appear on your Credit Report. It must be fewer than 200 words, non-discriminatory, and cannot make reference to another individual or organisation.

Removing a Notice is even simpler – just contact the Credit Reference Agency that is holding the Notice to request they take it off.

Credit Reference Agencies have a statutory 28-day time frame to respond to disputes, but requests of this nature are often dealt with much sooner.

Our Dispute Resolution service can help you add and remove Notices from your Credit Report, with all Credit Reference Agencies.

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