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Protective Registration

Protective Registration is a service offered to consumers by Cifas to help protect those who are at risk of identity fraud.

How do I check whether I have Protective Registration?

Cifas shares records of Protective Registration with the Credit Reference Agencies – which means an active record of Protective Registration may appear on your Credit Report information from these agencies.

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How do I apply for Protective Registration?

You can register for Protective Registration by contacting Cifas directly. Cifas charges £25 including VAT per two years to add Protective Registration to your file. If not renewed, it will lapse when the two-year period is over.

If you apply, then any Cifas member that searches your Credit Report will be warned that Protective Registration has been placed against your name. Cifas members will see "Cifas - DO NOT REJECT-VALIDATION REQUIRED".

Cifas members are then required to make additional verification checks to ascertain that the applicant is genuinely you. You may experience delays while your application is verified while Protective Registration is recorded at Cifas.

As Protective Registration is only visible to Cifas members, you may instead consider placing a Notice of Correction on your credit report, asking lenders to take extra care in authenticating your credit applications. This costs nothing, remains on your Credit Report until you remove it, and reaches all users of Credit Reference Agencies and not just Cifas members. As such, you will need to submit a suitable Notice of Correction to each Agency individually.

Bear in mind though that both Protective Registration and a Notice of Correction may cause delays to any application for credit you make.

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