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Public Information

In Credit Reporting terms, Public Information refers to the data that is taken from publicly available sources.

This includes:

  • Your Electoral Roll status
  • Insolvency records, such as any bankruptcies or IVA
  • County Court Judgments

How do I check my Public Information?

Your public information will be recorded on your Credit Report at each Credit Reference Agency: as there are four CRAs, you actually have four Credit Reports to check. As they obtain information independently from one another, it is possible for each CRA to hold different information.

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When will my Public Information be checked?

Your Public Information is checked during most forms of credit check, including the ones carried out by prospective landlords or employers. In most cases, when an enquiry search is carried out, this is the only information they will see.

This Public Information is also shown as part of the Credit Application Searches commonly used by lenders, along with six years’ worth of credit history.

While credit history plays a large part in a lender’s assessment of your creditworthiness, your Public Information is also an essential component, as it helps verify you are who you say you are. County Court Judgment and insolvency records can also be used as signs of your perceived reliability as a customer. Any CCJs or bankruptcies are public records that will drastically damage your creditworthiness.

Where else can I see my Public Information?

The Insolvency Register is free to view online and the Electoral Roll may be viewable at your local public library, but to view CCJ information you will need to use the Registry Trust.

Alternatively, you can find all of your Public Information compiled on your Credit Report. Checking your Credit Report also has the benefit of showing you the information exactly as prospective lenders will see it, so you can spot any errors and take action to have them amended.

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