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TransUnion (formerly Callcredit) is one of the Credit Reference Agencies in the UK. The other main two are Equifax and Experian. These organisations each hold a Credit Report in your details, which a prospective lender, landlord, or employer may consult when deciding whether to accept or decline your application.

Founded in the US in 1968, it now operates in 33 countries worldwide. In the UK, TransUnion offers consumer credit reporting, as well as a series of data and analytics services for businesses.

The contact details for TransUnion are:

TransUnion Limited
One Park Lane
Tel: 0330 024 7574

How do I check my TransUnion information?

You can see everything that TransUnion holds in your details, alongside your complete information from Equifax and Experian, by using checkmyfile. Your Multi Agency Credit Report is the most detailed in the UK, and it’s free for 30 days, then just £14.99 per month, which you can easily cancel online at any time.

Why is my TransUnion score different to other Credit Scores?

Because each Credit Reference Agency (CRA) holds different information from one another, the Credit Scores based on this information will also be different from agency to agency. Not only this, but each CRA will calculate scores differently, so even if the information at all four agencies was identical, you would still likely have different scores.

Additionally, each Credit Reference Agency uses a different score range, which makes it difficult to compare. The maximum possible score from TransUnion is 710, with its UK average score estimated at around 610. By comparison Equifax’s maximum possible score is 800 but its UK average is 380.

The fact that each Credit Reference Agency gives a different figure is not a reflection on the accuracy of the information held, but instead how each interprets it.

As with the Credit Scores used by other agencies, scores shown to consumers will differ to the ones used by lenders.

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