Annual Banking & Credit Card Survey

We have been getting the low down on how customers feel about their banks and credit card providers since 2005. Our annual Banking and Credit Card Survey is the longest running and most comprehensive in the UK.

Summary of 2017 Survey Results

Consumers are becoming much happier with the service received from their banks and from the credit card that is chosen first from their wallet or purse. The improvement is significant and has been a steady one since our surveys began in 2005. There is also an increasing tendency to stay with a bank, or to stick with a particular credit card, for much longer. This is despite increasing competition in both banking and credit cards.

The best bank in the UK is First Direct, which has topped the customer satisfaction table for over 10 years. The best credit cards are American Express and MBNA. American Express has been consistently at or near the top of the customer satisfaction tables since our surveys began. In contrast, MBNA has improved significantly, rising from the bottom of the table to take first place this year.

80% of applicants who apply for credit are now approved, which again is a proportion that is steadily improving, due in part to the matching tools that are now available to consumers, first pioneered on, and also due in part to consumers being better informed about the choices they have.

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Bank Customer Satisfaction

The above chart is ranked by consumers rating the service levels from their bank as either 'excellent' (green) or 'very good' (yellow). Brown is 'average', dark brown is 'not as good as it should be' and red is 'poor'.



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