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Find your perfect Credit Card


Purchase goods or services in a flexible way

A credit card provides a flexible way to borrow money, enabling you to make purchases now, with the option to repay the debt at a later date.

When taking out a new credit card you’ll be given a credit limit which is the maximum amount you’re able to spend on the card. The card provider will also set you a minimum amount that you’ll need to pay off each month, usually around 1% of the balance.

You can choose to pay off the balance in full each month or spread payments over a longer period. Paying the balance off in full each month will mean you won’t pay any interest. If you fail to settle the balance each month then you might be charged interest, unless there’s an introductory or promotional rate. If used well, credit cards can provide a great way to help build your Credit Score.

Compare Credit Cards

Why get a credit card?

Find out how a credit card may benefit you

  1. Build your Credit Score – Using your card in the right way can help you to increase your Credit Score
  2. Spread the cost – A flexible way to make purchases and then repay the balance over a few months
  3. Get Purchase Protection – Claim your money back if there’s an issue with a purchase
  4. Go interest-free – Some cards offer 0% interest for an introductory period
  5. Get rewarded – Earn points and benefits when you use your card
  6. Reduce interest – Transfer an existing balance to a lower rate or 0% interest card
Compare Credit Cards

What's the best type of Credit Card for you?

Balance Transfer Cards

If you are paying interest on an existing credit card, moving the balance to a new 0% card can save you money on the interest, helping you to clear the balance faster.

0% Purchase Cards

Make purchases without paying any interest on the balance for a certain amount of time, letting you spread the cost over a number of months.

Reward Cards

Get rewarded with airmiles or other loyalty-based rewards for your everyday spending. These Credit Cards tend to come with a higher interest rate.

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Compare Credit Card results to see what deals you’re likely to be accepted for based on your details.



Choose your Credit Card and complete your application in a matter of minutes. Credit Cards are usually received within a week of successful application.



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