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Short Term Problems

Are you between jobs, suffering illness, or have you had unexpected bills or a large financial commitment to cover? The following may be symptoms:

  1. You are using credit cards more
  2. Your overdraft is heavily relied on
  3. You've got new credit cards, 'just in case'
  4. You are concerned, but not overly worried
  5. You have considered a "Payday Loan"
  6. You are thinking twice before you spend
Get Through Short Term Problems

Debt Indigestion

Is too much income taken up with credit card and loan repayments, and you have little money left over each month? Does the following sound all too familiar?

  1. You are coping, but only just
  2. You pay unexpected bills by borrowing more
  3. You actively switch card debt to 0% deals
  4. You pay minimum payments on your cards
  5. You think your next pay rise is the solution
  6. You try to avoid thinking about your debt
Debt Indigestion Remedies

Going Backwards

Is your income not enough to cover your monthly expenditure any more, so your overall debt is increasing slowly?

  1. You have consolidated debts already
  2. You can only make minimum payments
  3. You don't open your monthly statements
  4. You have been turned down for credit
  5. You're worried, and are starting to panic
  6. You avoid talking about money
  7. You run out of money well before payday
  8. You're losing sleep, drinking more or both
Start Moving Forward With Debt

Out of Control

Are you over-borrowed and struggling to pay your bills on time? Are your financial worries impacting on your quality of life?

  1. You're in arrears on your credit accounts
  2. You've been contacted by debt collectors
  3. You've been threatened with court action
  4. You can't keep your promises to pay
  5. Your relationships are affected
  6. You avoid opening any statements or bills
  7. You're worried, losing sleep and weight
  8. You're thinking of taking extreme actions
Get In Control


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