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Subject Access Request

A Subject Access Request is a right that consumers have under the Data Protection Act 2018 to obtain from any company the information that is held about them by that company.

Can I get my Credit Report with a Subject Access Request?

You can obtain your statutory credit files by individually submitting a Subject Access Request to each of the Credit Reference Agencies – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – although you will not get a credit score, helpful analysis, or see any updates to the information.

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How much does a Subject Access Request cost?

Ever since the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, in most situations the information requested under a Subject Access Request must be provided for free, unless a request is “manifestly unfounded, excessive or repetitive”, in which case an admin fee can be charged.

Can I request information from my employer?

Yes. You can use this right against any company that has information on you, including your current and former employers.

How do I make a Subject Access Request?

Any individual can ask to see all of the information that a company holds about them, whether stored on computer or on paper records (e.g. in a filing cabinet).

To make a Subject Access Request, you can write to the organisation that holds your information. Each company may encourage you to complete its own version of a Subject Access Request form, as this will ensure that you supply it with sufficient information to respond promptly and fully, although you are not required to do so.

In most cases, a company must reply within one calendar month to a Subject Access Request, and if the company needs further information to enable it do so, it must act promptly in requesting any necessary further information.

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