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Geodemographic Data

Geodemographic data attempts to classify every postcode into one of around just 50 classifications. These are then used by marketing people to target goods and services and by others to site out of town shopping centres, or supermarkets. It is also used in credit scorecards to give a measure of risk, especially if other information is not available from anywhere else. The impact of geodemographic data on your Credit Score is relatively small compared to other things, such as your age or your residential status.

When putting together geodemographic data, statisticians use census based information, together with information derived from consumer questionnaires (for example, the ones that offer shopping vouchers in return), and data from Credit Reference Agencies. The full census only happens once every 10 years and consumers are increasingly giving less accurate responses to questionnaires, so it is inevitable that some postcodes will be classified incorrectly because of out of date census information or poor quality responses from questionnaires.

We think it's very important that this data should be easy to access and interpret, so that if there is any error or anomaly, this can be passed back to the people who own the data, so that the classification can be re-evaluated.

Over 20,000 people check postcodes on checkmyfile every day.

It's important to remember the limitations of trying to describe every area in the UK within the constraints of just 50 types. The general description is usually correct, but some of the detail may be very different.

Remember, we don't own the data so we can't amend it ourselves, but we can feed information back to the people who can.


Cameo™ is owned by Eurodirect Marketing and is one of a handful of geodemographic databases that are commercially available in the UK. Another is Censation, which you can compare directly on checkmyfile.

Cameo™ classes every postcode into one of around 50 postcode classifications, which in turn are based on information from many sources including insolvency and court information, questionnaires and census data. Geodemographic data can often be one of the components of the calculation of some Credit Scores, can dictate the amount and type of junk mail you receive and is also used by retail stores and supermarkets to help locate new shops in areas mostly likely to suit their customers.

Please note that the same postcode can be classified quite differently by different geodemographic companies.


Censation™, owned by AFD Software, classifies every UK postcode using the latest and most comprehensive data about where people live, how affluent or deprived they are and what 'life stage' they are in. Information about housing, employment, qualifications - over 600 variables from the latest UK Census - are analysed together with residential and commercial data and then validated further using a life-style database.

There are several similar databases. You can compare how this postcode is rated in the Cameo database. Please note that classifications can and do differ on different databases.

Postcode Classifications

There are around 50 or so 'model' classifications for all postcodes in the UK. They are a general view of various aspects of a postcode, and rarely do all parts of the description of a postcode classification match every aspect of the actual postcode itself.

Because they are generalisations, they help marketing people to identify postcode areas that contain people with similar, but not exact, lifestyles across the UK.

House Prices

House price data is taken from HM Land Registry and reflects the actual prices paid, rather than the advertised sale prices. Don't forget that average prices can vary depending on the mix of type of houses sold in any year.

Your Region Compared To The UK

When comparing prices, don't forget that the UK figure is calculated from hundreds of thousands of prices, so is much more reliable than the average price for your region, which is usually based on data from a small handful of house transactions.


TS17 8PW

Wealth & Credit Risk Indicators

Compare how the two geodemographic database providers Cameo and Censation describe properties and their residents in TS17 8PW. This information is based on the postcode classification, so may not be representative of the actual mix of properties in this postcode.



Number of directors

Significantly below average

Not Provided

Income levels

Below average

Many Under £10K

Average age

Average, Below average

25 - 34

Credit card ownership

Below Average

Not Provided

Credit Risk

Very High

Not Provided

Unemployment level/ employment status

Very High

Many In Education

Social group

Blue Collar Semis

Focused Students

Employment type

Not Provided

Some associate managers and technical support

Typical employer

Not Provided

Many hotels, business services or social and personal services


Not Provided


Holidays abroad

Below average

Not Provided



Many Level 2

The derived wealth and credit risk will determine the type of junk mail and other advertising that residents receive.

Estimated Credit Score For Residents Of TS17 8PW


Out of 1000

Public databases such as the Register of Court Judgments and Insolvency Records are combined with census data and 'lifestyle' information collected from questionnaires to evaluate the average financial risk in a postcode.

Find out for FREE how your own Credit Score compares to this estimated score, often used by marketing companies. The UK average postcode score is 750.

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Residents classified as social group DE

The 'social class' of a person tends to be based on occupation - each group can be defined as shown below.




Typically includes professionals such as doctors, lawyers and dentists, chartered architects and engineers. Individuals with a large degree of responsibility such as senior executives and senior managers, higher grade civil servants and higher ranks of the armed services.


Made up of university lecturers, heads of local government departments, executive officers of the civil service, middle managers, qualified scientists, bank managers, police inspectors and senior ranks of the armed services.


Typically comprising nurses, technicians, pharmacists, salesmen, publicans, clerical workers , clerical officers within the civil service, police sergeants and constables and senior non commissioned officers within the armed services.


Comprises skilled manual workers who have served apprenticeships; foremen, manual workers with special qualifications such as long distance lorry drivers, security officers and other non commissioned officers within the armed services.


Includes semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers, including labourers and people serving apprenticeships; clerical assistants in the civil service, machine minders, farm labourers, laboratory assistants, postmen and all other members of the armed services.


Made up of Pensioners, casual workers, long term unemployed people, and others with relatively low or fixed levels of income.

Summary Information For TS17 8PW

Every 10 years the Office for National Statistics undertakes a Census of all households in the UK with residents required, by law, to respond. The results are then checked and collated before being made available to the public.

Office for National Statistics


Not Returned

Post Town

Not Returned



Local Authority


Parliamentary Constituency

Stockton South

Primary Care Trust

Stockton-on-Tees Teaching





Output Area Classification

Hard-Pressed European Settlers

House Price History

House price data is taken from HM Land Registry and reflects the actual prices paid, rather than the advertised sale prices. Average prices can vary depending on the mix of type of houses sold in any given year. Hover your mouse over the graph, or tap the plot points for more information.






How Do Prices In Your Region Compare?

Volumes Of House Sales In Stockton-on-Tees

Property In TS17 8PW



Housing type


Some Flats

House size

5-7 rooms

Not Provided


Social or Council Rented / Mortgage

Many Private renting

Property value

Significantly below average

Over £176K and less than £215K

Identity Fraud In TS17 8PW

Using the minus symbol zoom out the map until you see nearby fraud hotspots appear. These are updated on a daily basis.

If you are concerned about your exposure to identity fraud, you can use our free Identity Fraud Risk Estimator tool advice on how to reduce the chances of falling victim to this rare but nasty crime.

The best way to check for evidence of Identity Fraud against you is to check your Credit Report for credit accounts you don't recognise, credit searches you don't expect and association to unexpected addresses.

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Crimes Reported Within A 1 Mile Radius Of TS17 8PW

Crimes Around TS17 8PW

Families in TS17 8PW



Family composition

High have children, High couples, Average singles, Average, families

Young singles

Marital status

Not Provided

Many single (never married)



Not Provided


Not Provided

Many muslim or no professed religion


Tabloid / Middle Market

Some popular

Mail order response

Not Provided

Many Regular

Hours of sport


Not Provided

Weekly internet


Not Provided

Social media


Not Provided


Slightly higher than average

Not Provided


Below average

Not Provided

Online shopping

Less than once a month

Not Provided

Online groceries


Not Provided

Online train


Not Provided

Online flights


Not Provided

Online holidays


Not Provided

Online fashion


Not Provided

Online books


Not Provided

Closest Services To TS17 8PW

  • Schools
    The Village Primary 0 metres
    Mandale Mill Primary School 599 metres
    St Patrick's Catholic College, A Voluntary Catholic Academy 743 metres
    Thornaby-On-Tees Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 0.52 miles
    St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Catholic Academy 0.53 miles
    Bader Primary School 0.64 miles
    Harewood Primary School 0.64 miles
    Thornaby Academy 0.68 miles
    Christ The King Roman Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Catholic Academy 0.96 miles
    St Cuthbert's Rc Voluntary Aided Primary School 1.03 miles
  • Train Stations
    Thornaby Rail Station 1 miles
    Stockton Rail Station 1.82 miles
    Eaglescliffe Rail Station 2.14 miles
    Allens West Rail Station 2.71 miles
    Middlesbrough Rail Station 3.62 miles
    James Cook University Hospital Rail Station 3.82 miles
    Yarm Rail Station 4.02 miles
    Marton Rail Station 4.2 miles
    Billingham Rail Station 4.3 miles
    Gypsy Lane Rail Station 5.03 miles
  • Airports
    Durham Tees Valley Airport 5.63 miles
    Leeming Airport 19.78 miles
  • Bus Stations
    Bridge Road Stand 29 1.16 miles
    Bus Station Stand 11 3.34 miles
    Roseberry Road 4.42 miles
    Swan Hotel 4.59 miles
    Dolphin Centre 10.15 miles
    Interchange Stand 1 10.48 miles
    Interchange Stand 2 10.48 miles
    The Angel 17.53 miles
    High Green 17.54 miles
  • Hospitals
    West Lane Hospital, Middlesbrough 2.14 miles
    Carter Bequest Primary Care Hospital 2.26 miles
    University Hospital Of North Tees 3.16 miles
    Roseberry Park, Middlesbrough 3.57 miles
    Nuffield Health, Tees Hospital 3.59 miles
    The James Cook University Hospital 3.6 miles
    Priory Hospital Middleton St George 5.56 miles
    Bmi Woodlands Hospital 8.25 miles
    Hundens Lane Day Hospital - Darlington 9.46 miles
    Sedgefield Community Hospital 9.96 miles
  • GP Practices
    Woodbridge Practice 0.64 miles
    Thornaby & Barwick Medical Group 0.64 miles
    Extended Hours Service-Woodbridge 0.64 miles
    Elm Tree Surgery 0.69 miles
    The Densham Surgery 1.32 miles
    The Dovecot Surgery 1.32 miles
    Lawson Street Practice 1.32 miles
    Virgin Care (Stockton) 1.32 miles
    Woodlands Family Medical Centre 1.34 miles
    Fullife Lifeline Stockton 1.44 miles

Data Sources

The information in this report has been compiled using a variety of Open Data and paid data sets. These Open data sets are released to the public and are provided under their own specific copyright the notices of which are detailed below.

  • Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2020
  • Contains National Statistics data © Crown copyright and database right 2020
  • Data produced by Land Registry © Crown copyright 2020
  • Crime data provided by the Home Office through under the Open Government Licence
  • House Price data is provided by HM Land Registry © Crown copyright 2017

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