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A Disassociation is the process to remove a Financial Association (someone with whom you have shared finances) from your Credit Report.

How do I disassociate someone from my Credit Report?

You can remove someone from your Credit Report by disputing the record of the Financial Association with the Credit Reference Agency reporting the data. To see who you’re associated with, you would first need to check your Credit Report.

checkmyfile makes this process quick and easy. Your Multi Agency Credit Report is the most detailed in the UK, gathering your complete information from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – letting you see your credit history and any Financial Associations linked to you.

Our Expert Team can even contact the relevant Credit Reference Agencies to dispute the Financial Association on your behalf, making Disassociation hassle-free.

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Why would I need to get a Disassociation?

If you open a credit account with another person, you will establish a financial link with them. They will then exist as a Financial Association on your Credit Report, which grants lenders the ability to search the associate’s information when reviewing your credit application.

If your Financial Associate has a good credit history this could work in your favour, but if they have adverse payment history, it can hinder your application. Financial Associations do not drop off from your Credit Report after a set amount of time; instead, they remain indefinitely until a Disassociation has been completed.

Because Financial Associations last indefinitely, many people find ex-partners, former flatmates, and even old colleagues appearing on their Credit Report when they check it for the first time. To ensure your credit applications aren’t affected by the finances of long-lost acquaintances, you’ll need to get rid of out-of-date Financial Associations.

How long does Disassociation take?

The process usually takes a month or two before all records held by the Credit Reference Agencies are updated. Once completed, the credit history of the third party can no longer be taken into consideration by lenders assessing your Credit Report.

The quickest way to disassociate is to raise a dispute with the Credit Reference Agencies and request that the association is removed. Our Expert Team can raise these disputes on your behalf with all relevant agencies.

As long as the Credit Reference Agencies cannot find any active financial link between you and the Financial Association, they should be removed from your Credit Report entirely.

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