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The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is an independent body intended to retain and uphold the public’s right to information. It helps define what information is in the public’s best interests and what should be kept private to the individuals.

Under the ICO, we have seen the introduction of the Data Protection Act, UK GDPR, and the Freedom of Information Act, all of which have been integral to shaping how your Credit Report can be used by yourself and others.

Founded in 1984, the ICO oversees matters related to the safety of the public’s personal information. While a lot of the legislation passed affects the way the information on your Credit Report is handled, the ICO is not solely concerned with the credit industry. Any company found to be in breach of data handling guidelines could be investigated and subsequently fined by the ICO.

What does ICO stand for?

ICO is short for Information Commissioner’s Office, though it is regularly stylised as “ico.” as part of their branding.

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