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A Delinquent, in credit terms, is credit slang for a customer that does not pay on time. A delinquent account is one that is, or has been, reported with late payments of 2 months or more and will subsequently have a negative impact on your Credit Rating. This will be displayed in the payment history of your Credit Report.

Will a Delinquent account appear on my Credit Report?

While negative repayment history will appear on your Credit Report, including any late payments, arrears, or defaults, the term ‘Delinquent’ is unlikely to appear. Often on Credit Reports these harmful accounts are instead referred to as ‘Adverse’ accounts.

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What does a ‘D’ on my Credit Report stand for?

An account with ‘D’ reported against it is likely to refer to the account being in Default, which will have a serious impact on your overall creditworthiness. It doesn’t stand for Delinquent.

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