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Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll (sometimes called the Electoral Register) is the record held by your local authority which shows whether you are eligible to vote in various types of election. It is an important piece of information in the world of credit as it is used as an index for credit reports, in the absence of any other national database of UK residents.

How do I check my Electoral Roll listing?

You can check your Electoral Roll information, precisely as a prospective lender would see it, by viewing your Credit Report. checkmyfile makes the process of checking your data at Equifax, Experian and TransUnion hassle-free by collating your information onto a single, easy-to-use platform.

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Is my Electoral Roll listing important for my Credit Report?

Your Electoral Roll listing is hugely important for a healthy Credit Report. Lenders (especially mortgage lenders) look at your Electoral Roll information to gauge your stability – the longer your Electoral Roll listing has been active, the more reliable you seem to them.

Additionally, as the Electoral Roll is used as a sort of ‘index’ for Credit Reports, if your Electoral Roll listing is missing, the lender may have trouble locating your Credit Report information, which can harm your chances of a successful application.

Put simply, the longer your Electoral Roll listing has been active, the better.

How often is the register updated?

For most of the year, updates are usually published once a month, but it can take up to three months.

August to December is when the Annual Canvass period takes place, during which it can take even longer for your Electoral Roll listing to show, and it may not appear on your Credit Report until early the following year.

During this period, no monthly registers are posted.

Electoral Roll updates have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, with reduced staff levels and longer processing times.

Which Credit Reference Agencies report Electoral Roll information?

All three of the UK's main Credit Reference Agencies report your Electoral Roll listing, which means when you look at your checkmyfile Credit Report, you'll be able to see how your status is being reported by Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

As your checkmyfile report shows you what prospective lenders will see during a credit check, it’s worth making sure all three main agencies have your information recorded accurately. Our Expert Team is on hand should you require any assistance updating your Electoral Roll records.

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