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Misuse of Facility

Misuse of Facility is one of several Cifas Fraud Types, where someone obtains an account, policy, or other facility with the intent of using it for a fraudulent purpose.

Cifas members record and share information about suspected fraud to protect themselves and their customers.

Will Misuse of Facility show on my Credit Report?

Cifas shares two markers – Protective Registration and Victim of Impersonation – with the Credit Reference Agencies, so Misuse of Facility will not appear on your Credit Report.

That said, your Credit Report will show your credit accounts and recent credit applications, so it can be useful to monitor your Credit Report if you are concerned that you are vulnerable to identity fraud.

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What counts as Misuse of Facility?

If a lender has reason to believe an account in your details is used to commit fraud, part of the appropriate response would be to report it to Cifas as Misuse of Facility.

This can include:

  • Being paid to keep laundered money in your account, then transferring it elsewhere
  • Selling your bank account for use by someone else
  • Paying someone knowing the payment will bounce
  • Taking out credit you have no intention of repaying

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