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Scottish Decree

A Scottish Decree is a judgment issued in Scotland through the Sheriff`s Courts, legally recognising that a debt is due. They are the Scottish equivalent to County Court Judgments (CCJs) in England and Wales.

How do I check my court records?

Sheriff Courts share Decrees with the Registry Trust, which maintains the public register of judgments and Decrees in the UK. The Registry Trust in turn shares court records with the Credit Reference Agencies, thereby allowing any judgments or Decrees issued against you to appear on your Credit Report.

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How long will a Decree impact my Credit Report?

A Scottish Decree, like a CCJ, will remain on your Credit Report for six years from the original date of issue, regardless of whether the balance has been satisfied or not, and will be very damaging to your creditworthiness in the eyes of a lender.

Once a Decree has been paid, it should appear as ‘Satisfied’ on your Credit Report.

If a Decree has been issued in error, it can be ‘set aside’, meaning it will be removed from your Credit Report. If you have a query about your Decree, you should contact the issuing Sheriff Court directly.

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