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Scottish Decree

Definition of 'Scottish Decree'

Money judgments issued in Scotland are referred to as decrees and are issued through the Sheriff's Courts. They are the Scottish equivalent to England’s and Wales’ money judgments which are issued in the county courts; county court judgements (CCJs).

Details of Scottish Decrees are supplied by the Sheriff’s Courts to The Registry Trust. The Registry Trust maintain a public register (by agreement with the Scottish Courts Service) containing all Small Claims and Summary Cause money decrees entered in the Sheriff’s Courts during the preceding six years. The Registry Trust notifies the credit reference agencies of all decrees, recalls and dismissals on a regular basis and they update your files accordingly.

A Scottish decree, like a CCJ, will remain on your credit file for 6 years from the original judgment date, whether the balance has been paid or not, and are very damaging to your credit score. Once a decree has been paid it should show as satisfied on your credit files. If a decree has been issued in error it can be ‘set aside’ and evidence of it completely removed from your files. If you have a query about your Scottish decree you should contact the issuing Sheriff's Court as only they can advise on court matters.

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