Covid 19 Status

In line with HM Government requirements to fight the spread of Covid-19 we have measures in place to ensure that we protect our staff, their families and the wider community, but also to ensure that there is minimal disruption to our customers.

Your access to online Multi Agency Credit Reports, Expert Help and Account Management remains unaffected. We take great pride in the support that we provide to our customers and throughout this period will do all we can to minimise the impact on our services. While the country remains in lockdown we will continue to support your queries via a dedicated and experienced team that will be securely working from home, and supported by a Management Team that will continue to be based at our head office and who will be able to provide customer support as required.

The security measures that we have in place to protect your Personal Data, in line with our Privacy Policy, will mean that some elements of our personalised support are affected during this period as our support team will be working with anonymised data when working remotely. Freephone access to our Credit Analysts has been removed during this period while we focus our efforts on continuing to reply to all of your emails and secure messages within one working day.

Thanks for your understanding, and we hope to have full customer support available as soon as possible and wish you well during these challenging times.



Articles Published by josh conibear

Josh has a degree in law from the University of Exeter. Josh worked as a Credit Analyst at checkmyfile until 2014

Investing in diamonds - hard stuff

Is now the right time to invest in diamonds? For many of us, this is a totally theoretical question – the mortgage and credit cards will always have a first call on our income – but it’s nice to check out the options should the Lottery come good just for once.

Published on 7 Mar 2014 by Josh Conibear

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Car financing choices for young adults

With the cost of student living always on the rise, it is becoming ever more difficult to save for a functional car to commute from A to B.

Published on 27 Feb 2014 by Josh Conibear

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Scottish independence and personal investments

Reflecting the potential and unceremonial separation of Scotland from the UK, the Scottish Widows brand will see somewhat of a radical makeover, or at least English customers will see a new brand emerge.

Published on 24 Feb 2014 by Josh Conibear

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Paying without cash or a card

The concept of paying for goods with a mobile wallet may still be an idea of the future, but a cashless and cardless World really is on the horizon.

Published on 7 Feb 2014 by Josh Conibear

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Dogecoin helps Jamaican bobsleigh team

”Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its (Jamaican) bobsled time!”

Published on 24 Jan 2014 by Josh Conibear

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Coinye West to take on Bitcoin

Following the Bitcoin craze comes a Kanye West inspired currency with the name of 'Coinye West', due to be launched on 11 January.

Published on 9 Jan 2014 by Josh Conibear

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Peer to peer lenders boom

Peer-to-peer or social lending businesses have capitalised both on new technology and low savings interest rates to offer savers potentially better returns than they would get from conventional savings products.

Published on 12 Dec 2013 by Josh Conibear

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Blacklists: myth or reality

It has been a couple of years since we set out the facts about blacklists and asked you to judge for yourself, but once again the papers are full of reports about blacklists, spurred on by a study by consumer supremos Which?

Published on 11 Dec 2013 by Josh Conibear

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The Living Wage – political football or real aspiration

Ed Miliband is proposing that employers should pay workers the living wage, as opposed to the minimum wage.

Published on 14 Nov 2013 by Josh Conibear

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Somalis fear Barclays decision to shut down money transfer service

The UK government is being urged to stop Barclays closing the last remaining facility in Somalia which allows its citizens overseas to send money back home.

Published on 5 Nov 2013 by Josh Conibear

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