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Kevin has a degree in Media and Cultural Studies from Southampton Institute. Prior to joining us, Kevin worked in the mortgage industry with GE. He covers several areas of credit and in particular the impact of the credit crunch on consumers. Kevin is a Senior Credit Analyst at checkmyfile

Which Credit Report Information Can Landlords See

Whenever you rent a property, you will be required to pass some checks set by the landlord or letting agent to prove that you will be a good tenant and that you’ll be able to afford to rent the property.

Published on 19 Mar 2018 by Kevin Pearce

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How to Get the Best Deal When Buying a New or Used Car

Buying a new car is both exciting and expensive, but if you know where to look and when, you can grab yourself a bargain. If you take a little time to look into finance or loan deals as well, you can bring down the overall costs significantly.

Published on 11 Jan 2018 by Kevin Pearce

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Ofgem study shows that many of us are still being ripped off

As consumers, we expect to be treated fairly, but this seems to just be an ideology according to new Ofgem research that shows we are still being treated poorly by many energy providers.

Published on 21 Dec 2016 by Kevin Pearce

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To Invest or not Invest, that is the Question

If you are lucky enough to be in a position to save or invest, you’re probably aware that ISAs are massively underperforming and investment markets have been volatile and uncertain to say the least.

Published on 15 Dec 2016 by Kevin Pearce

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Energy prices expected to rise

Energy prices have always fluctuated in response to changes in world markets but a uSwitch study states that last month alone saw an increase in wholesale prices, by 15% for gas and 20% for electricity. This will inevitably result in higher bills, just in time for winter, which is when 70% of our annual usage takes place.

Published on 6 Dec 2016 by Kevin Pearce

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Compensation Scheme Limit Increases Due to Financial Uncertainty

The compensation limit for consumers who would lose out financially in the event of their bank collapsing has been increased back up to £85,000, which is where it was in July 2015.

Published on 23 Nov 2016 by Kevin Pearce

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Declined for credit, what to do

Being declined for credit sucks. Even if the applicant is an otherwise sensible human being, it’s not always easy to accept that a person or computer has decided that you are not worthy of their finance. Even if you do manage to remain stoic in these situations, sometimes that money was needed for financing your grand plans or for debt consolidation, which can be disappointing and/or stressful.

Published on 22 Nov 2016 by Kevin Pearce

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CCJs or County Court Judgments

It’s no secret that the levels of unpaid debts in the UK have been rising over the last few years, as household incomes stagnate and everything else in this world seemingly becomes more expensive.

Published on 31 Oct 2016 by Kevin Pearce

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Credit Card Brands

The smart consumer will take the time to research the market for the best credit card deals, whether it be for a balance transfer, purchase or some sort of points or rewards system.

Published on 12 Sep 2016 by Kevin Pearce

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Moving house and your credit report

So you’ve finally moved into your new house, decorated every room while under the influence of cheap caffeine drinks and decided that the pile of boxes are just fine living in the garage. Even the giant TV is in place (with surround sound, of course), so surely it’s time to put your feet up and consider it a job well done?

Published on 31 Aug 2016 by Kevin Pearce

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