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Kirstie has a degree in Forensic Science from Bristol University, West of England. She is a qualified lifeguard, and a keen runner, having completed the Great South Run twice. Kirstie writes on all topics related to credit. Kirstie is a Senior Credit Analyst at checkmyfile.

Child maintenance court records to show on your credit report

Since March 2015, The Child Maintenance Service (CMS) has been sharing information with the UK’s Credit Reference Agencies. This means missed Child Maintenance payments can be flagged up on a late payer’s Credit Report, potentially harming their Credit Rating and making a successful credit application – whether a mortgage, credit card, or loan to name a few – even more tricky.

Published on 20 Jan 2020 by Kirstie Brown

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Bad credit on an address myths

When moving into a new house, the first thoughts that go through your mind could be along the lines of “what colour am I going to paint the kitchen?” or “will my wardrobe actually fit in the bedroom?” You may not immediately ask yourself “I wonder how much debt the previous occupant had!”

Published on 9 Jan 2020 by Kirstie Brown

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Disputing a Late Payment or Arrears Marker on your Credit Report

Many of us have been there – we have too many things on our mind and as a result we may have missed a payment on our credit card or loan. But what happens when you check your credit file and spot a late payment or case of arrears that you are adamant has not occurred? Where do you stand and what can you do to rectify the error?

Published on 1 Mar 2017 by Kirstie Brown

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Card Machines to Close

Consumers are being warned that the UK could lose 35% of its free cash machines unless a deal is secured to cover the annual £1bn running costs.

Published on 30 Jan 2017 by Kirstie Brown

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Lloyds bank letter scam

Millions of consumers have been warned to be vigilant and question written correspondence from their banks following a sophisticated scam which has targeted customers of Lloyds Bank.

Published on 12 Dec 2016 by Kirstie Brown

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Brits fail to report crime in case it devalues home

Research recently carried out by Direct Line Home Insurance has found that 8% of Brits have failed to report a crime because they do not want to devalue their properties.

Published on 24 Nov 2016 by Kirstie Brown

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Dire Shortage of housing pushing prices up

After the uncertainty caused by the referendum in June, homebuyers are now slowly starting to return to the property market. However, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has warned that there is a ‘dire shortage’ of housing in the UK which is continuing to drive up prices.

Published on 14 Nov 2016 by Kirstie Brown

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Debt Consolidation main reason for applying for loan

A recent survey carried out by Freedom Finance has revealed that the main reason that people apply for a loan is for debt consolidation, with 47% of all approved loans being used as individuals look to take control of their finances.

Published on 4 Nov 2016 by Kirstie Brown

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British banks still failing to protect customers from ID theft

Consumer group Which? has today criticised some of the biggest banks in Britain for failing to invest in security systems that would better protect their customers from fraudulent activity. This criticism comes as a result of a 64% increase in online banking fraud last year alone, with losses of £133.5m. Fraud for phone banking rose 28%, with losses of £323.3m.

Published on 27 Oct 2016 by Kirstie Brown

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Silver renters on the rise

Results from a recent survey carried out by letting agent Your Move has found that renting is no longer a young person’s game, signalling the rise of the ‘Silver Renter’. The study shows that there are 4.5m privately rented households in the UK, which in the next few years is expected to grow to 6m. Of the 6,500 participants, it was found that 22% of renters were aged between 46 and 55, while 18% were over the age of 55.

Published on 29 Sep 2016 by Kirstie Brown

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