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Michael has a Master's degree in International Relations from the University of Exeter. Michael worked as a Credit Analyst at checkmyfile until 2015

Consumer confidence falls with election looming

Consumer confidence fell last month for the first time since December, according to the results of a new survey.

Published on 7 May 2015 by Michael Bolt

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Young people expect to retire with £95k pension pot

Young people belonging to ‘Generation Y’ (those born roughly between the early 1980s and early 1990s) believe that they will retire with an average pension pot of £95k, despite the fact that nearly three fifths have not started saving towards their pension fund yet, according to research conducted on behalf of ‘Now: Pensions’.

Published on 27 Apr 2015 by Michael Bolt

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Debt levels surge among single parents

The number of single parents who have sought help with debt problems has surged in the past two years, according to figures released by StepChange, the debt advice charity.

Published on 7 Apr 2015 by Michael Bolt

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New current account comparison tool launched

A new government-backed comparison tool that allows customers to use their own personal data to find the best current account for them was launched on Thursday.

Published on 1 Apr 2015 by Michael Bolt

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Bankruptcy threshold raised to £5k

The government has announced plans to increase the bankruptcy debt threshold, following a consultation announced by the Insolvency Service in August 2014 .

Published on 27 Jan 2015 by Michael Bolt

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Consumer car finance market destined for another record year

The UK car finance industry is heading for another record year, according to figures released by the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA). Some 75.9% of all new private car sales were financed in some way in the twelve months to October, demonstrating the industry’s record breaking year in terms of market infiltration.

Published on 12 Dec 2014 by Michael Bolt

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Phone scammers rake in nearly £24m in one year

The amount obtained by telephone scammers from innocent consumers this year has reached £23.9m, according to recently released statistics. This represents three times the losses incurred to the practice in 2013 - underscoring the rising problem of fraudulent cold-calling.

Published on 8 Dec 2014 by Michael Bolt

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Online card authentication systems to change

MasterCard and Visa have announced plans to replace their often criticised online security systems – MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa – with easier to use systems.

Published on 27 Nov 2014 by Michael Bolt

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Thousands of workers benefit from a rise in the ‘living wage’

The UK ‘living wage’ has increased by 20p to £7.85, a rise which is set to benefit approximately 35,000 workers.

Published on 12 Nov 2014 by Michael Bolt

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Warning over payday loan brokers

Consumers are being urged to be wary of a new generation of payday loan middlemen, who are making attempts to target the bank accounts of some of the poorest and vulnerable members of society. As many as one million attempts per month are being made by payday loan brokers to take funds from people who may be unaware that they would be charged for the service they offer.

Published on 10 Nov 2014 by Michael Bolt

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