Covid 19 Status

In line with HM Government requirements to fight the spread of Covid-19 we have measures in place to ensure that we protect our staff, their families and the wider community, but also to ensure that there is minimal disruption to our customers.

Your access to online Multi Agency Credit Reports, Expert Help and Account Management remains unaffected. We take great pride in the support that we provide to our customers and throughout this period will do all we can to minimise the impact on our services. While the country remains in lockdown we will continue to support your queries via a dedicated and experienced team that will be securely working from home, and supported by a Management Team that will continue to be based at our head office and who will be able to provide customer support as required.

The security measures that we have in place to protect your Personal Data, in line with our Privacy Policy, will mean that some elements of our personalised support are affected during this period as our support team will be working with anonymised data when working remotely. Freephone access to our Credit Analysts has been removed during this period while we focus our efforts on continuing to reply to all of your emails and secure messages within one working day.

Thanks for your understanding, and we hope to have full customer support available as soon as possible and wish you well during these challenging times.



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Sharon is an FCA and has a degree in accountancy from the University of Exeter. She writes on a wide range of topics, usually related to her profession. Sharon is Financial Controller at checkmyfile.

Help to Buy Scheme tinkering

George Osborne has just announced that the second stage of the Help to Buy scheme will be closed to second home buyers, as well as foreign buyers with no history of owning a property in the UK and buy to let landlords.

Published on 25 Jul 2013 by Sharon Yewen

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Too good to get credit

It appears that credit card providers are rejecting so called ‘perfect borrowers’ because they don’t fit their secret scoring profiles, some of which are designed simply to maximise profit and filter out customers that are likely to be unprofitable. For example, customers who have historically paid off the balance every month do not make anything like the same amount of return compared to ‘extended credit takers’ for these companies. Even people with clean credit reports and large incomes are being rejected.

Published on 24 Jul 2013 by Sharon Yewen

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Is now a good time to re-mortgage

It used to be good financial advice to re-mortgage every few years in order to get the best deals available and save money on monthly mortgage payments. During the last few years with cheap Standard Variable Rates (SVRs) following cuts in the Bank of England’s base rate, there has been not much point in swapping lenders and many borrowers have been happy to remain where they are, especially after taking into account the fees (arrangement fees, valuations, legal costs and more) incurred in re-mortgaging.

Published on 24 Jan 2013 by Sharon Yewen

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Empty Shops on the High Street

It wasn’t long ago that we would walk through town surrounded by busy shops on both sides of the street. Compare this to recent months when it is becoming a common sight to see closing down sale signs, empty and boarded up shops instead.

Published on 23 Nov 2012 by Sharon Yewen

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Payday loan companies under scrutiny

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has been inspecting the payday loan industry since February 2012 and, in an interim report, has warned that companies offering such loans must improve the way in which they lend money and collect debts, otherwise there will be penalties.

Published on 22 Nov 2012 by Sharon Yewen

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Real Time Information

HMRC is introducing a new way of reporting PAYE called Real Time Information (RTI). It means that employers must file PAYE information within 7 days or on the normal payroll date if earlier, changes must be reported as and when they occur, and there is no requirement therefore to complete annual returns of PAYE tax and NI.

Published on 16 Nov 2012 by Sharon Yewen

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Car insurance - part 1

We all know what it’s like when that time of year comes around when we need to renew our car insurance. How much will it be and how are we going to pay for it?

Published on 17 Sep 2012 by Sharon Yewen

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Finance education for children

A recent study commissioned by the charities National Children’s Bureau (NCB) and Personal Finance Education Group (PFEG) found that 96% of children aged 7-16 years old want finance education lessons in school.

Published on 13 Sep 2012 by Sharon Yewen

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Latest HMRC campaign

Following on from previous campaigns whereby HMRC have targeted offshore investments, medical professionals, private tutors, plumbers, electricians and online traders, they are now offering higher rate taxpayers a special opportunity to submit tax returns and pay the tax and NI due by 2 October.

Published on 12 Sep 2012 by Sharon Yewen

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Mortgage payment holidays

As we all struggle to make ends meet, it may sound tempting to take a mortgage payment holiday, which is where the lender will let you off repayments temporarily.

Published on 31 Jul 2012 by Sharon Yewen

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