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Tom has a BSc (Hons) degree in Mathematics from Plymouth University. He is trained as a teacher and has been involved in the Royal Marine Cadets since he was 14. His articles focus mainly on identity fraud and personal finance. Tom is a Credit Analyst at checkmyfile.

The Cost of Incorrect Information on Your Credit Report

Your credit file is compiled from a number of different sources, including payment history from each of your lenders (past and present) and public data as reported by local authorities and courts. The majority of people find that everything held about them is correct, but due to the large amount of information being shared, errors in the information reported can happen, which can lead to issues when you go to apply for credit.

Published on 2 Feb 2018 by Tom Blandford

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What doesn’t appear on your credit report?

People are often just as surprised at what isn’t reported on their credit file as what is. It can be a bit of a shock when they finally do come to check their report and find that a lot of their spending and earning has gone largely unheralded.

Published on 19 Jan 2018 by Tom Blandford

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Halifax launch new low-rate credit card designed to help clear debt

Halifax have recently announced the launch of Flexicard, a low-rate card targeted at those with high amounts of debt. It allows consumers to set up larger regular payments towards existing balances and easily work out how long they will need to make payments to clear a balance. The interest rate is also relatively low at 6.4% APR.

Published on 10 Jan 2017 by Tom Blandford

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Electoral Roll - The Annual Canvass 2016

Your Electoral Roll entry is one of the most important elements of your credit file. Lenders place a lot of weight in the presence of an active Electoral Roll listing and can decline applications solely on the absence of this information if it is not returned on a credit search.

Published on 16 Dec 2016 by Tom Blandford

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Account types on credit files

A typical credit file is made up of numerous entries reported by different sources, each with varying contributions towards the individual’s credit score. One of the most important components that can be viewed by prospective lenders is the consumer’s payment history, so that it can be established whether or not the applicant is an acceptable risk.

Published on 2 Dec 2016 by Tom Blandford

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Insolvency and its effect on your credit score

Contrary to the belief of some, insolvency is not a ‘get out of jail free card’. When you are declared insolvent, the entry remains reported for 6 years on your credit file and will continue to pose a significant barrier to your chances of obtaining credit – even after the insolvency is discharged.

Published on 17 Nov 2016 by Tom Blandford

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Digital only banks attract scepticism from UK consumers

Earlier this year, Atom became the first UK bank to operate solely through a mobile app. Based in Durham, it has only 30 staff and unlike much larger banks it has no branches or call centres – communication is conducted with its customers securely through a mobile app.

Published on 19 Oct 2016 by Tom Blandford

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Jockeys targeted by fraudsters advised to change banks by PJA

The Professional Jockeys Association has advised its members to avoid high street banks after a string of crimes dating back to 2014, specifically targeting jockeys. It is believed that the fraudsters responsible for the crime were able to defraud the Jockeys by forging their signatures and obtaining publically available details through social media.

Published on 11 Oct 2016 by Tom Blandford

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TalkTalk receives massive fine for 2015 data breach

It would have been hard to miss TalkTalk’s massive data breach last year following a cyber-attack by two teenagers. The information of 156,959 customers including their names, dates of birth, where they lived and contact details were obtained by the hackers and in the case of 15,656 customers, this included bank account information.

Published on 10 Oct 2016 by Tom Blandford

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Citizens Advice calls for better regulation for Rent-to-own loans

Citizens Advice has called for tighter regulation for rent-to-own, guarantor and logbook loans after providing advice to over 9,000 consumers who have made use of the lightly regulated financial products and subsequently struggling with debt.

Published on 28 Sep 2016 by Tom Blandford

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